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In today’s globally competitive marketplace, you need to keep a step ahead of your competitors. Whether you are a grower, produce or horticultural company, business success is about doing more with less and constantly looking for fresh insights and strategies that can benefit your business

Lisa Cork can help. Lisa is an experienced international fresh produce consultant, specialising in developing growth strategies that transform the value chain.

With over 25 years experience , Lisa not only knows fresh produce, she lives and breathes it. Pass...

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The Importance of a Questioning Mindset

I can remember years ago having a client who called me the ‘question queen.’ Every time we worked together, I would always be the one asking the questions. “So tell me more about that…” or “What was the basis for that assumption…” or “Why do we think/believe that to be true…”. I have always asked questions and challenged assumptions. It …

Staring At The Future of Retail

Have you thought about the future of retail in Asia? Will your customer(s) be based there in the next three, five or ten years? What will opportunity look like? I recently spent 10 days working in Shanghai and Beijing. I spoke at a conference and spent time visiting retail and wholesale outlets. I also got a quick fire lesson in …

Sometimes Branding Is Simple

It’s is interesting to read about branding. There are lots of people who make it sound like branding is an expensive and complicated process. There is no doubt, if you are a big corporate with lots of brands in lots of countries, I am sure it is complicated and expensive. Fresh Produce Branding Does Not Have To Be Complicated But …

Produce Stickers That Sell

I often find growers are a bit ho-hum about their packaging. In particular, they seem very ho-hum about their PLU type stickers. Often their thinking is…how can a sticker make a difference? To see a sticker as a marketing tool, you’ve got to change your thinking. Any message that goes on your fresh produce is a sales and marketing tool. …

Packaged Foods A Goldmine For Fresh Produce Branding Ideas

I love grocery stores. It’s a sick addiction, I admit, but as a fresh produce marketer, I find the branding and packaging of grocery products so interesting. In fresh produce, our branding and on-pack message has often been limited to a PLU sticker smaller than a postage stamp. Makes it tough to be creative with a brand or message when …


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Client case studies are helpful tools for understanding what’s possible.


Reading about challenges other produce companies have faced…and seeing how they benefited f...

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